Tales from another time….

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a recurring memory from my childhood running around my head. Don’t know why this one in particular has decided to make itself prominent in my thoughts. For some reason, this memory makes me laugh.  The brain is a powerful tool, and in all honesty, this memory can be a bit disturbing for some; perhaps scarring for others due to the visceral nature of this memory. If you have a weak constitution, turn back now.


I remember being a child of elementary school age, living in the grand metropolis of Lawton, Oklahoma. As most children of this age do, I walked to school. As I meandered through our neighborhood, there was always The House.

The House wasn’t haunted.

It was a house where a guy lived with his dog (the dog chased everyone and everything too).

…and did taxidermy.

There was a dead tree in his yard. This didn’t help the creepiness.

Formaldehyde could be smelled in strong quantities.

From. The. Street.


There was an old Jeep in his yard that rarely moved. It looked like a relic from the Eisenhower administration. It probably was. Also combined with the smell of formaldehyde was a foul, musty, odor.

Every so often, you would see a deer, suspended from its hind legs; blood draining into a bucket. ON HIS FRONT PORCH. FOR ALL TO SEE. His backyard wasn’t much better, either. His backyard faced a large field that’s adjacent to the school…and a convenience store/gas station. He often had animals draining into buckets back there, too.

He did this for years.

I walked past this house everyday from first grade to sixth grade.

In seventh grade, the school that I went to was too far away for walking, so I gladly rode the bus.

There’s no way that in the so-called modern era, that someone could get away with doing something like that, especially in this part of America. The aftermath of the disagreement  between that guy and any of his neighbors that disagreed with any of his choices would make the national news!

I find this hilarious. I guess that even as a child, I understood that the guy was attempting to run a business (he sold his creations out of his house). However, I also understood that there had to be some serious health code violations aside from the gore that is in live and living color on his front porch! Formaldehyde being smelled from the street?! Hopefully none of his neighbors were smokers, and if there were, we are all so very lucky that the street that he lived on didn’t go up in flames.  Southwest Oklahoma is dry, flat, and prone to drought. Add hazardous chemicals, and you’ve got a pretty serious situation. Bu Hao!!

I wonder if that guy is still alive….





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