Cissy Strut


I’ve had a good run of running into people who are either on drugs, or need some professional help. Perhaps I shouldn’t start in such an intense fashion. Perhaps my perception of what is in these situation requires clarity, and exposition. For example: I drive to my Monday night gig. I get there a little […]

Nightclub Audience Training Series, Vol.2

It’s time to create another entry into our ongoing Nightclub Audience Training Series, and this entry is directed towards aspiring and/or up-and-coming musicians. THIS IS BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS. CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.   A couple walks into the club. They scope the scene, the grab a seat close to the stage, and start […]

Nightclub Audience Training Series, Vol.1

I’ve always joked about this sort of this sort of thing, but it seems that the infractions are getting more and more egregious. So, in a lighthearted-yet-pretty-serious kinda way, I present to you the first entry in my Nightclub Audience Training Series. 1. Song requests that have been shouted from the back of the room […]