Tales from another time: Dog Warfare

Reflecting upon my time as a youth, living in the grand metropolis of Lawton, Oklahoma, I remember many people in the neighborhood having dogs. Dogs of various shapes, sizes, furriness, and breed. We had a German Shepard-Husky mix. He was a great friend to have growing up. Many of my friends had dogs as well, […]

Tales from another time….

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a recurring memory from my childhood running around my head. Don’t know why this one in particular has decided to make itself prominent in my thoughts. For some reason, this memory makes me laugh. ┬áThe brain is a powerful tool, and in all honesty, this memory can […]

Bill Watrous…and my one-time meeting of this trombone legend.

Yesterday, Bill Watrous passed. I had no intention of writing about this. This just came to me. I doubt that I could do any better than any of the established writers and journalists that cover jazz music; many of which have had innumerable personal experiences with him, and have seen his greatest performances. I had […]


I’ve had a good run of running into people who are either on drugs, or need some professional help. Perhaps I shouldn’t start in such an intense fashion. Perhaps my perception of what is in these situation requires clarity, and exposition. For example: I drive to my Monday night gig. I get there a little […]

Nightclub Audience Training Series, Vol.2

It’s time to create another entry into our ongoing Nightclub Audience Training Series, and this entry is directed towards aspiring and/or up-and-coming musicians. THIS IS BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS. CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.   A couple walks into the club. They scope the scene, the grab a seat close to the stage, and start […]

Nightclub Audience Training Series, Vol.1

I’ve always joked about this sort of this sort of thing, but it seems that the infractions are getting more and more egregious. So, in a lighthearted-yet-pretty-serious kinda way, I present to you the first entry in my Nightclub Audience Training Series. 1. Song requests that have been shouted from the back of the room […]