So, in times of things uneventful and mundane, one must find ways of keeping themselves sane. Typically by observance of the creature that we call “human.” If ever a laugh is needed, look no further than a corporation started by a man from Oklahoma. If you know, you get it. If you don’t know…well..uh, yeah!

                                                           Bars, taverns, and various other dens of Iniquity have much to share in the form of real life. And humor.  Because, no matter how bad that you may think that things are, there’s always someone else to show you that things could be worse. Much worse. Sometimes even bad enough to make you wonder why this individual hasn’t considered suicide. But, that’s just it! No matter how miserable that things are for this individual, they persevere, and they wear their scars from the experience as a badge of honor! However….

                                                                                     there are some folks that just can’t get it right.

            Or don’t really care to.

                                                 And don’t mind if you’re right down in the funk with them.


                                                                   Screw those people.




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